Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Hujan Aneh Didunia

1. Money Rain

In 2007 ago happens Rain Money, German motorist saw money flying through the rearview mirror. He pulled over and tried to take the money, but to no avail. Because at that time the Police immediately secured the scene, they could not take money-money. 
2. Spider Rain
On 6 April 2007, Rain Spider Salat occurred in the province, Argentina. Christian Oneto Gaona and his friends decide to spend their Easter holidays in the province of Salat, they begin to climb GunungSan Bernardo. 2 hours later they realize that they have filled the land surrounding the spider with different colors, and they found more spiders when they get to the top, when they looked up they saw a lot of Spider falls from the sky, Chistian are the first ever taking photos of the rain spiders.
3. Jelly Rain in Scotland
In 2009, jelly rain occurred in Scotland. Scientists from NationalGeographic test, and did not find any DNA on the jelly. theories about the origins of "star jelly" were abundant, but the most credible theory is that star jelly emerges from the ovary frog or toad. which then spewed by an eagle, and herons because it can not be digested.
4. Colored Snow in Siberia
Country Omsk region of Siberia, about 1400 miles from Moscow, never happened Colored Snow, snow was colored orange, yellow and green down in the land in 2007.
5. Rain Fresh Meat in America
On March 9 1976, fresh meat rain fell near the Allen Crouch, who lived near Olympian Springs. covering the 100 yards to the length and width of 50 yards. When the sky is clear and the meat fell like snow drifts. man trying to feel the meat is concluded that this is the meat of sheep or deer.
6. Rain carcass Starling in UK
In a small village in Coxley adjacent to Wells, bangkaiburung hundreds of starlings fell from the sky over Julie Knight's garden in March 2010.
7. Rain Fish in Australia
Lajamanu sits on the edge of the Tanami Desert, hundreds of kilometers from Lake Argyle danElliot, and even further away from the shoreline. Rain occurs Fish, but it's not the first time the community about the fish falling from the sky. in 2004, local residents reported this happening. and at this time is not only strange events happen once, but a second time in February 2010 "hundreds of live white fish fell from the sky everywhere" according to witnesses who saw the incident.
8. Rain Worms in America
Jenning Police Department employee, Eleanor Beal was crossing the street to work, when something fell from the sky, he said that the thing that falls from the sky is a worm, which fell with a tangle and form clumps, apparently there has been rain worm and no one knows where worms can occur, but most believe that the jet is found 5 miles from the scene at the same time in Lacasine Bayou, maybe something to do with this incident.
9. Cows from the sky Rain Japan
In 1997, Japanese fishermen rescued off the coast of Japan. Beef animals they claim to fall from the sky and caused their boat sank, they were immediately put into jail. 2 weeks later the air force Russia informed the Japanese authorities that the crew of one of their cargo, stealing cows so they could eat meat once in a while, of course, the cows do not like the neighborhood, and began acting strangely, ultimately for the safety of the aircraft and of course their own, then they throw the cow from 30,000 feet above the waters of Japan.

10. Blood Rain in Colombia
In 2008, Red Blood Rain certified by the bacteriologist about a rain of blood, this incident occurred in a small community in La Sierra, Choco. samplenya been taken and studied in the city nearest Bagado. The pastors say that it's a sign from God for sinful man to change their behavior.


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